Acne Greatly Reduced Through Essential Oils

Essential oils have shown to control acne problems. You can fight various skin problems such as pimples, spots, acne etc. with a few bottles of essential oils, a little know-how about how you use it and above all some determination from you.

The root cause of all skin problems is bacteria present in the pores. Human skin produces natural oil known as sebum which seems to change levels when one attains puberty. It is difficult to deal with sebum without sweat, dirt and last but not the least your every own finger which complicate matters more.

An easy tip to benefit from essential oil is to buy any product from the market that is anti-pimple and includes essential oils or is made up purely of essential oils. However, these products are not easily available in American markets and are therefore very expensive there. If you want a cost-effective method then you should try to dab the oil from the face as often as you can during the day.

The next important question that comes to one’s mind is which essential oil would do away with all these skin problems? The answer being tea tree, jasmine, ylang-ylang, grapefruit, helichrysum, lavender, sandalwood are few among the oils which are known to have controlled skin problems like acne, spots, pimples etc.

Essential Oils for Pimples Acne It is important to remember to give a patch test on the arm before starting to use any product to see if it causes any allergy to your skin.

Tea tree is known to be the best product when it comes to reducing or clearing skin disorders such as acne, pimples or spots.

It is also proved that if you use not more than say 6 drops of essential oil in your bath it helps to clean the skin as well as disinfect it along with relaxing feeling.

If you put three to four drops of essential oils of your choice in warm water, lean over it with a towel overhead, you can cure pimples, acne, and spots. A steam facial for ten to fifteen minutes once a week with essential oils also helps to cure skin problems.

It is important to remember that pimples, acne, and spots can be cured with patience and overall good health. Essential oils for pimples acne will be effective only if you take care of your overall health by eating healthy and by controlling stress. You also need to remember that if you overdo things it will not help cure faster, for example, don’t wash face too frequently or don’t scrub your face while wiping it, or don’t use any harsh alcohol-based products. Our body gives out its normal amount of sebum during the day if you disturb it the body gives out loads of it which would cause the pores to block further. In short, remember not to overdo things for faster results.

Aroma Therapy Using The Essential Oil Diffuser

Aromatherapy has become very popular in recent times. It is basically a treatment where different types of essential oils are used to get different levels of scented form for soothing and relaxing pain in treatments.

These essential oils are obtained by distilling steam or cold expression. These oils occur naturally in nature and characteristically give out the aroma of the plant from which they originate. All these oils are 100% original and do not undergo any process what so ever. Aromatherapy is based on diffusing essential oil in the air through air diffusers.

Today in the market there are many different kinds of diffusers available for different requirement according to different places for example in large public areas fan diffusers are popular.

Essential Oil diffuser The essential oil is placed on disposable absorbent pads or trays which are placed in a unit and switched on. The fan then blows the oil throughout the room. In bathrooms and drawing rooms plug-ins are quite popular. In this system, tiny cartons of essential oils are simply plugged into the wall. These are better known as electrical heat essential oil diffusers.

Spa scent essential oil diffusers are quite popular these days. They have the advantage to allow you to continuously enjoy subtle aroma for a longer period of time. It also allows you to adjust the level of strength for the diffuser by merely using a button. You can change the aroma of oils also with the help of a button. Basically in a spa scent oil diffuser, one needs to apply 20 drops of essential oils on to a pad and then turn on the center to activate air circulation and enjoy the benefits of the same.

Reed essential oil diffusers are the most happening these days. They not only look good in drawing rooms and bedrooms but also last for months. It does not operate on electricity or flame. The essential oil is put in a diffuser and a reed is put over it. The fragrance travels through the reed and is spread all over the place.

Pure Essential Oils Provide Many Benefits

There are many sources of oils from which Plants are the most important one. From Plants, Essential oils are obtained by extracting it from its different parts which involve flowers seed, leaves, resin, bark, stem, and roots as well as from the fruit or fruit rinds. The quantity of oil extracted from plants is very little, so in order to extract the only a couple of hundred pounds of oil one has to use a great number of plants.

No Cheap Imitation Can Match the Compounds

Pure Essential Oils content are not imitable so one cannot get much mileage out of using cheap imitations. It is not only pure but also complete. They are of great help to the human body. Not only they provide our body with protection but also homes from virus, bacteria, and parasites. These Essential Oils also help a lot in the working of the body’s immune system.

Pure Essential Oils The extraction of Essential Oils is a difficult process because the Oil that has been extracted should be of a higher quality and should be cogent. As one needs to have a higher quality of Oil it is very essential to harvest the plants at the right time and also be careful about parts that are being used.

While the extracting process, one should always be careful that there is no contamination in it, it should be of the highest quality and have the maximum potency. In order to ensure that the properties of the Essential oil are properly intact steam distillation using low pressure as well as low temperatures are used in the extraction process.

The extracted Oil is subjected to test, to detect that the active properties in it are preserved. Since the chemicals can be used in the extraction process to enhance the quality and the quantity of Oil at a lower cost. But the use of chemicals is not recommended. Because not only the chemicals that are used can be toxic when used by humans, but may also destroy the Essential oils “life-giving properties”. Though you can use chemicals in the process of extraction for getting fast results, better quantity and low cost but it is recommended not to use chemicals as they can be toxic to humans and above all, it will destroy the life-giving property of the essential oils.

Pure Essential Oils may not result in carrier oils becoming rancid as it is normally in the cases, in which the synthetic oils are used in deodorizers as well as candles. It is better to opt for Pure Oils because the others do not have the therapeutic value.